Episode 11: Whilst the dust settles

Full transcripts of this episode can now be found here;


Having made it safely back to Greenest with lost friends and a traumatised, barely conscious Leosin Erlanthar, the party works to occupy their time until communication is possible. Will he have the answers they seek? Time will tell.

This week has been very exciting! Not only did we receive another 5 star itunes review but the show received it’s first ever fan art!

The talented Raan whose name you may recognise from our recent recap episode has dedicated some time to demonstrating their favourite scenes from their favourite episode (6!)

I can not express in words how much we adore these pieces. We are absolutely over the moon to be inspiring people to create things and the day we received them, not a single one of us stopped smiling.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we did! Why not head over to their twitter and show some love

Both images reposted with permission from their creator https://twitter.com/faunenby