Episode 1A: An awkward retelling

A full transcript of this episode can now be found here; https://transcripts.tailsfromthedarkdragonsinn.co.uk/campaign-episode-1a/

The Scales of Justice find themselves under the bright, hot lights of a quiet auditorium. Will the power of the stage reveal all? What of the past of group? How did the Scales of Justice come to be? Trapped by the Helping Hands company, our heroes are compelled to tell their tale.

For the first time, we’re releasing a new episode mid-week this week! This episode will cover the events from episodes one through nine of our main show as an indirect retelling of events from the eyes of our characters and provide the perfect stepping stone to join in with the rest of our listeners and continue on with our story as it releases, without having to deal with some of our early audio issues.

That said, there’s still plenty of details not included! So feel free to go back and listen to our early episodes as you please!

As ever, thankyou so much to our continued listeners. I hope that the future episodes and improved audio server as a reward for sticking with us thus far.