Episode 8: The Legend is born

A full transcript of this episode can now be found here; https://transcripts.tailsfromthedarkdragonsinn.co.uk/campaign-episode-8/

The party has done much to demonstrate their martial prowess over the last twenty four hours and there are few in Greenest who doubt their capability but with people having been torn from their homes and the town having been stripped of its wealth, The scales of Justice can not yet rest.

This week we got our first Itunes review and honestly, putting my feelings about that into words is a real struggle. I got pretty gosh darn emotional reading this. It’s great to see that people are having as much fun with the show as we are producing it. As reviews are geolocked, I’m going to leave a copy for you all here!

Welcome to the Inn (5 Star Review)

From the start, we are greeted by our DM/Host/Publican and are made to feel nothing if not welcome. Like old regulars in a local pub, or indeed, an inn. You sit down to listen to another of the owners tales. The strength of this podcast lies squarely in its characters. Both fleshed out and well played, they feel like real people who have been together for a while. There is a real sense of familiarity among the group as they have all gotten to know one another. Of the characters, a particular favourite is Scraw, the bugbear barbarian with an almost limitless enthusiasm for battle. While it is often easy to play such a character as one dimensional, Scraw still has subtleties that make him feel more than just a character. Complimenting the characters is the story. A story told well and with the addition of some sound effects to help bring it to life.

So thanks again Discocyst and thanks to Jeremy, a follower of ours on twitter! for this tweet;

Seeing this really put a smile on my face. Stay in touch guys!