Episode 9: Know your enemy

A full transcript of this episode can now be found here; https://transcripts.tailsfromthedarkdragonsinn.co.uk/campaign-episode-9/

A cultist camp, none too hidden. Prisoners and secrets waiting to be revealed. Our heroes, the Scales of Justice secretly invade the heart of the enemy army to learn what they are able.

A preface; this episode suffers badly from misconfigured audio and my attempts to fix it. But the good news is, starting next Sunday, all those issues are behind us and we’re releasing a new episode mid-week to make up for it. Look forward to it!

Look out for a brief preview from our friends over at Seasons of Skyrend

Our latest review on itunes!

By Ben(Bapperson) of Hoof and Sword fame. 5 star review!

You can tell the folks on this podcast are having fun, even as they focus on story and edit out content like dice-rolling. Be aware that, like many podcasts, their first episodes are rougher in audio quality but I can assure you they quickly improve. Even when there’s a hiccup in a newer episode, it’s edited to minimize any issues – I can be picky about audio quality for actual play’s and this is one I’m happy to continue listening to. Try it out, learn about the interesting characters and see where the story leads!