Season 1 Recap

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Season Two of Tails from the Dark Dragons Inn is almost here! There will be those amongst you who want to jump straight in, having never encountered our show before, and we want to help with that!

This mini-sode is a story-beat recap for Season 1, episodes 1-20 and should bring you up to speed to jump right in.

Tails from The Dark Dragons Inn is a long-form, serialised, high-fantasy, improv fiction podcast driven at its core by tabletop role-play.

It tells the tale of a band of heroes called “The Scales of Justice”, seeking to learn more of their world, and themselves as they race to intervene in the plans of the Cult of the Dragon and their cataclysmic ambition.

Their journey starts in the small town of Zhenstucka, at the fabled, Dark Dragons Inn and our heroes now find themselves on the road to Elturel. What happened in between? Listen to find out!

Season Two Episode One, A Dire Journey airs late Sunday June 10th