*Silently pours acid onto a captive elf*

An elderly gnome; once the captain of the guard in a city on the outskirts of the wastes, he and his people were betrayed by an elf, claiming to seek refuge. The last free standing citizen of his once grey home, Zilpip fled into the wilds. Living for centuries, alone in the mountains. As dark forces rise in the world and he becomes more in tune with nature, he begins to see that the cause of all this strife is simply that the sentient races have taken too much from the land. That Chaos, not law, is the natural order of things and he seeks to find a way to return all of the world’s people to their pure state of origin.

Zilpip; played by my good friend Dean was originally intended to be a permanent member of the cast. Unfortunately, due to his current schedule, this simply wasn’t plausible. We record every single week and he was able to attend infrequently at best. As he was also off backpacking for a few months, we thought it best to simply discontinue his participation.

With that said, you can probably expect to see Zilpip pop up for the occasional cameo here and there.