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About Tails from The Dark Dragons Inn

Tails from The Dark Dragons Inn is a long-form, serialised, high-fantasy, improv fiction podcast driven at its core by tabletop role-play.

It tells the tale of a band of heroes called “The Scales of Justice”, seeking to learn more of their world, and themselves as they race to intervene in the plans of the Cult of the Dragon and their cataclysmic ambition.

Featuring a diverse cast and released weekly on Sundays, it can be downloaded through itunes, stitcher and the majority of podcatchers as well as our website and all the methods listed on

The core cast of Tails from The Dark Dragons Inn features a diverse group of players who’ve come together from across the country to tell the shared tale of “The Scales of Justice”, a band of heroes (though some would call them mercenaries).

Our story is told through improv and tabletop role-play, however, for the purposes of the show, much of the mechanical aspects of this are removed, cutting the fuss and leaving the story and character interactions behind.

What starts as a simple ‘muscle for hire’ job, brings the party together to aid a city under siege and the civilians within. A cult, known only as the Cult of the Dragon, seek to unleash Chaos in the world and as our heroes learn of their plans, the race is on to put a stop to their ambition.

In classic high-fantasy fashion, the overarching problem of the plot is seemingly almost insurmountable in scale and by extension, each character is dealing with their own personal goals and issues which we develop throughout the show.

We’ve just reached the end of our first season and plan to release the first episode of Season 2 on June 10th.

In addition to our main story, released weekly, we are inviting the crew of multiple RPG podcasts to record one-shot guest episodes with us, to be released on an every-other week basis in the near future; Telling stand-alone stories about unique characters in unique worlds. Work on this is already well under way!

The fiddly bits

Release Schedule

We release main arc episodes every Sunday at 10:30am BST. Our first Season has just ended (May 13th 2018), however our release schedule will continue with one standalone episode, followed by a two-part ‘mini arc’ which leads into Season 2; Scheduled to air on June 10th 2018.

We are currently recording an additional series as part of the same show, called Side-Quests. I aim to release the first of these on July 4th and then every other Wednesday. These episodes feature casts from other shows telling standalone stories through improv.

Cast and Crew

Ray Stevens – Host, editor, social media manager and producer. Voices all background characters as well as two core party protagonists, Scraw and the Doomsinger

Vinny – Actor; Plays Mhurren the Half-orc Monk.

Liz – Actor; Plays Tobe, the Tiefling warlock of the Raven Queen

Nina – Actor; Plays Myx, the Aasimar warlock of the Fey

Tom – Actor; Plays Erbak the Lizardfolk Wizard

Reviews, Quotes and Media

Welcome to the Inn – DiscoCyst

“From the start, we are greeted by our DM/Host/Publican and are made to feel nothing if not welcome. Like old regulars in a local pub, or indeed, an inn. You sit down to listen to another of the owners tales. The strength of this podcast lies squarely in its characters. Both fleshed out and well played, they feel like real people who have been together for a while.”

An Adorable Ensemble of Misfits by Dulenheim

“Tails from the Dark Dragons Inn is, above all else, an adorable listen. This is a Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast and tt’s cast show a clear likeability for one another. Synergy that most other actual plays wish they could have. The first nine episodes deal with the events of a single day in the town of Greenest as wicked cultists led by a magestic azure dragon decend upon them all to bring forth destruction and mayhem. Thus our heroes fight them off, and a legend is born. Only time will tell where our heroes will go next. The story is very well paced, and the use of SFX to augment the quality of the narrative is a welcomed addition.”

Fun, In-Depth High Fantasy by gggomec

“Tails from the Dark Dragons Inn is a TTRPG podcast with a classic feel. Each of the characters is well developed with backstories and easily read personalities. The DM is detail oriented and doesn’t shy away from doing character voices. The audio quality is fair and coherent – I never struggled to hear anyone or understand what was being said. The editing is superb and thoughtful. I started with the summary episode and I loved how the structure was a mix of retelling previous episodes and flashbacks to the actual moment. Highly recommended”


The entire first season is currently being transcribed with an expected completion date of early-mid June. We intend to release these via as and when they become available.

We are in discussions with a freelance transcriber to be on retainer for episodes each week starting from Season 2, though funds for this are currently limited which has pushed us to start;

The main goal of our Patreon page initially is to offset the costs of hiring someone to transcribe our episodes permanently but includes a variety of show interactive, creative and service oriented rewards.

We can be reached via email on contact(at)tailsfromthedarkdragonsinn(dot)co(dot)uk or via twitter @DarkDragonsInn

You can also join us on Discord and chat with the cast


As a queer creator, representation matters to me as the editor and producer of our show. Our core cast is a mix of people from all walks of life; Men, Women, People of Colour and members of the LGBTQIA+ community, however, we are also striving to include as many diverse and inclusive casts as we are able in our upcoming guest episodes.

In addition to this, as our show is driven by tabletop role play, we endeavour to encourage, diversity, inclusivity and accessibility within the TableTop Roleplaying community for everyone.



In general, our show is fairly harmless, however our show is not averse to foul language and the occasional episode can feature sensitive imagery (always with warning) specifically in regards to violence (as the plot is driven by tabletop roleplay, there is a reasonable amount of combat involved).