Erbak Voss

“Do you have water? I jest! T’was a jest. See. I too can jest. I have learned.”

Erbak Voss has a hard and violent past. He survived conditions which most do not and made it out into the world where he applies his knowledge of medicine to practice upon the citizens of the realms. A well practiced wizard, he is constantly looking for ways to learn and enhance his knowledge. Because knowledge, is power. And power is power too.

Covered entirely in scales that shift from green in hue to brown in places, Erbak is a lizardman and by extension, requires little in the way of armour. He wears a brown overcoat in the style of (our world’s) Doctor’s uniforms. Often literal, finding it challenging to socialise (or often having little need to) and seemingly fascinated by the strangest of peculiarities, Erbak has travelled almost entirely alone for much of his years. Little is known to the party about his past or his future intentions.

Fun fact: Erbak has a particular fondness for mutation and genetics

Erbak Voss, the lizardfolk wizard poses thoughtfully with books in tow