Tobe Shadae

*Exasperated Silence*

6ft tall and slenderly built, Tobe’s pale grey complexion and purple-black hair make him seem almost gaunt, he has purple eyes and wears robes of deep purple; Born a tiefling into a small and unwealthy family lead to a rough childhood and this upbringing has left its mark on his personality. Slow to trust, Tobe makes a habit of keeping most people at arms length; Despite this, there are people in his life whom he holds truly dear.

His younger sister, Ayla and his closest friends; Liberty (a Tiefling) and Myx, an Aasimar warlock.

It was on his journey to locate ingredients that he had heard would work as a cure he seeks that he met Myx and they have travelled together ever since.

Tobe is a Warlock of the Raven Queen and is accompanied by his familiar; a Raven named Oz with whom he shares a special bond.

Fun fact: Tobe has a particular loathing for cultists and will often go to dramatic lengths to eradicate one regardless of what else he is supposed to be doing