“Sounds like someone needs help!”

A half-orc of unknown parentage, Mhurren is much smaller framed than most Orcs. His hair, long, course and black is often worn in a pony tail. He has dark green skin, blue eyes and prominent orcish features. He dresses simply, in a traditional long, hooded robe and wears an ornately carved bracelet (patterned with scales) that bears the mark of Bahamut.

Raised, not by his parents, but by his Master; A dragonborn, Kriv. Mhurren is a monk from the order of the stoneclaw, a reclusive monastery open to all who would seek shelter from the hardships of the world around them. This particular order is dedicated to Bahamut and their teachings and Mhurren is an avid follower.

Commanded by his master to go out into the world and learn more of what there is to life, Mhurren is on a journey of self-discovery; he seeks to spread light in the world and protect those who need it. He also is searching for a lost childhood friend who he hopes has the answer to some questions.

Fun fact: There are aspects of Mhurren’s past that even his player doesn’t know! 

Mhurren, the Undying, The half orc monk tightens his forearm bindings