The Doomsinger

“Do you have a real name?”

“No. The Doomsinger suits me just fine.”

Slenderly built and well dressed in finely made leather armour, at 5’11’ he cuts a striking figure, though everywhere he goes, he conceals himself; Wearing a hooded emerald green cloak and a beautifully patterned ceramic mask which hides his face completely. He is never seen without his Lute.

The Doomsinger is a multi-layered creature with a tumultuous past. Born, Elostirion Cindrill Galtherion Greytower, The Doomsinger was an elf, born of noble heritage; or at least, what passed for such in the trading village of Caldera’s Wash.

As such, he kept slaves. His family were slavers and by extension, were very successful. As the saying goes however, nothing changes a mind like the heart and it was the love of a young slave, later revealed to be a changling that would change Elostirion’s life forever.

When disaster struck, Elositirion was no more. Betrayed and entirely aware of his own evil actions, he left the village of Caldera’s Wash as nothing more than an ash stain on its ground. Travelling from place to place, he sought redemption or death. Or both.

Calling himself, only The Doomsinger, he eventually encountered a Half-orc Monk, named Mhurren who lead him to believe that even he was not beyond saving. They have travelled together ever since.

Fun Facts:The Podcast is intended to be listened to as though you are an audience to a tale being spun by The Doomsinger at a show, held within The Dark Dragons Inn.

The Doomsinger playing his lute