“I am Scraw! You may call me Scraw.”

Little is known about the bugbear who travels with the party. Clearly still growing, and gangly limbed he is 6’8” and 200lbs; Wears only a pair of simple linen trousers, is covered head-to-toe in red-tinged orange fur which grows thickest in a mohawk running from the top of his head down the full length of his spine. His eyes are a steel grey and he wields a battleworn iron glaive with a 2.5 foot blade as his only weapon.

Clearly well trained and seemingly seeking only glory in battle, he travels with the party as their barbarian counterpart.

Scraw is a mirror of the party. A blank slate if you will. Young and impressionable, he changes alignment and attitudes based on the actions taken by the rest of the party. Though there is very little that will ever quench his desire for battle.

Scraw, the barbarian bug bear. poses cheerfully with his glaive