Season Two: Episode Six: Curious Encounters

Our heroes travel across the city of Baldur’s Gate, doing their best to tell friend from foe, but with everything that’s happened, can they truly see the wood for the trees?


We’ve been so busy!

At present, twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday, we release a patron only post containing letters and journal entries from various supporting cast members. Want to know what happened to the Doomsinger between the moment he stayed behind in Greenest to the moment they found him? We got you covered. Want details on the real reasons the cultists left in such a rush? Or perhaps why the Scales of Justice set off on their journey in the first place? We. Got. You.

On top of that, we’re now releasing every episode a week early via our patreon at the $5 and above tiers, this includes the two part guest episodes which we continue to record with new guests most weeks!

Speaking of other podcasts though; this week we bumped into members of Encounter Roleplay and TheMortalPath whilst at a local store we were attending to meet with Ruty Rutenberg and Satine Phoenix of Maze Arcana during their european tour. Hopefully we’ll have some exciting news for you in the future and we look forward to collabing with TMP in future too!

Image featuring Ray from Tails from the dark dragons inn with Ruty Woot and Satine Phoenix of Maze Arcana as well as members of The Mortal Path and Encounter Roleplay

Screaming into the void

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