What is Tails from the Dark Dragons Inn?

Hello travellers, and welcome to Tails from the dark dragons inn.

Our show, is a long form, episodic, high fantasy, improv-fiction, audio drama podcast, driven by the medium of tabletop roleplaying games. But this is not an actual play. Our show is edited to remove almost all elements of actual gameplay, except in rare circumstances, you’ll hear no dice rolls, discussions of damage points and absolutely never mechanics or rules. Also no table talk.

Our show, is as focused as possible on the interactions between characters and the stories we tell together.

If this is the first time you’ve encountered our show; please enjoy the Season 1 recap episode, specifically made for this purpose and follow on with our adventures in Season 2.

If you’d like to enjoy the first season in full, please check out our Youtube playlist where you can find every episode, complete with subtitles/transcripts.


Alternatively; You can download all the audio files and transcript PDFs at once and listen to them on any available audio device (after extraction). You can find those here;


Fair warning though! The file is almost 3G in size, so it’s probably not something you want to download on a restricted bandwidth!