Sidequests: A Tale of Three Princesses – Part 1

You can find a full transcript of this episode here;

The Scales of Justice find themselves in a strange place, surrounded by strange people, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Someone’s missing! And someone’s getting married?!?!

This is all highly unusualYow wow wow! This past week has been HUGE! With the release of our first season’s final episode, we saw a HUGE influx of traffic, downloads hit as much in one week as we saw in all of April and we hit our first target before the end of the season, So here’s a picture of Oz wearing a party hat, much to his displeasure and everyone else’s amusement.


We also released the transcript of our first episode finally and have hired someone to transcribe the entire first season! In order to endeavour to continue doing so without it being such an extreme personal cost financially, we’ve started a Patreon.

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